About 7D Farm

Our farm is located in Yalobusha county in North Mississippi. When we bought it in the spring of 2012, it was pretty run down and about the only thing it was growing was a few acres of hay and weeds. Turning it into a working farm has been a much bigger job than we anticipated, but it is coming along.

We have lots of animals, including Dexter and Jersey cows, chickens, ducks, and honey bees. We also have a couple of Great Pyrenees guard dogs named Samson and Delilah, a feral cat named Tipper, who is feral because Samson won’t allow him to get close to the house, and some guinea fowls running around.

We are often asked, “What does 7D stand for?” The simple answer is our last name is Driggers and my wife and I have five children. The math is usually simple enough from there. Another reason for the 7D is at least one of the seven of us was born in 1970. I know, technically that would make it 7T, but our last name isn’t Triggers, so it is 7D Farm. (Besides, here in the South, seventy sounds like sevendy anyway.)

We are currently providing delicious artisan breads along with seven delicious hummus flavors, and soon honey and honey products. We are planting lots of fruit trees and berry bushes, so keep an eye for fresh fruit from the farm too.

Keep in touch,

The 7D Farm Family